Our message to kids

Tyler has been pretty sick this year, like really sick. He was in the PICU for a few months and then on the kids floor for another few months. He is strong, like all of you, really strong! Whenever something "not fun" or scary was about to happen like taking medication, or pokes (blood draws), or bone marrow biopsies, Ty said "I Got This", each and every time! He mentally set himself up for success and convinced himself it was going to be ok, and you know what, it was ok each time. Whenever you have something you don't want to do, or you are scared of, look at your wrist, think of Ty and tell yourself, I Got This - G Force. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the G Force. Tyler's last name stars with a G and G Force means, no matter how hard the disease pushes against you, you need to push back that much harder, and remember " I Got This - G Force".